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Mobile natural gas screw compressor

  • Main features of Dragon Force mobile natural gas screw compressor series

    1. Direct drive, no gears, higher reliability

    1). Avoid the possibility of failure caused by gear wear and increase reliability;

    2). Reduce vibration and noise;

    3). Higher transmission efficiency;

    4). Reduce the power consumption generated by the gear part;

    5). Reduce the lubricating oil consumed on the gears, and at the same time increase the life of the lubricating oil.

    2. The bearing is arranged in a special way and the force is better

    1). Roller bearings are used to bear radial loads;

    2). Tapered roller bearings bear axial and radial forces;

    3). No start-up pre-lubrication requirements.

    3. Balance piston (reduce bearing stress)

    The balance piston is installed on the two rotors. Under the action of pressure, oil enters the piston to produce a force that partially offsets the thrust load. This will reduce the thrust acting on the thrust bearing, and the bearing life will be longer.

    4. Long service life of screw main engine

    U.S. Sullair process gas special screw main engine has been deeply cultivated in the field of special compressors for decades. After continuous improvement and innovation, the performance is far better than similar screw main engines of other brands. Practice has proved that the Sullair screw main engine has superior performance and good reliability, and the service life of the main engine is more than 80,000 hours.

    5. The screw host adopts a mechanical seal with zero leakage

    The Sullair screw main engine of the United States is optimized for high-pressure working conditions. The John Crane mechanical seal with reliable performance and two-stage seal structure is selected to ensure that the shaft seal of the screw main engine has zero leakage and no oil and natural gas overflow the compressor.

    1) The first stage is a labyrinth seal structure with reverse thread. If oil enters the shaft seal, this reverse thread will pump the oil back into the compressor;

    2) The second level is a high temperature resistant and hardened graphite sealing structure, and it has a good sealing effect with tungsten surface and fluorine rubber elastomer.

    6. High exhaust pressure 

    Dragon Force's natural gas screw compressor has a maximum discharge pressure of 507psig (3.5Mpag), which is currently the world's highest technology for screw compressors.

    7. Advanced purification design

    At present, the natural gas compressor on the market needs to be equipped with additional natural gas pretreatment equipment before use to ensure that the gas source enters the compressor without impurities, while the user of Dragon Force natural gas screw compressor does not need to configure a purification device, and can directly connect to the wellhead of the oil well. Perform compression work.

    8. Efficient water-gas separation

    When the oil well dries up, the water content of the oil layer will also increase, and the output will also decrease. Dragon Force natural gas screw compressor can effectively release the water in the oil and gas well, (with special devices) to help users purify and improve natural gas Yield.

    9. Environmentally friendly design

    Dragon Force natural gas screw compressor originated from the United States, and pays special attention to environmental protection. It automatically recovers impurities and special treatment, and the body is in harmony with nature.

    Main performance parameters of mobile natural gas screw compressor



Mobile natural gas screw compressor natural gas screw compressor