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Oilfield wellhead casing gas recovery and crude oil production increase and environmental protection and energy saving device

  • Causes and hazards of casing gas in oil fields

    Source of casing gas: A large amount of natural gas dissolved in formation oil at high temperature and high pressure is called dissolved gas. In crude oil production, as the fluid flow pressure decreases, the dissolved gas in the crude oil separates into the annular space of the oil jacket, and the resulting separated gas is called casing gas.

    Casing gas hazard: Casing gas forces the oil well to lower the fluid level, which reduces the effective production pressure and productivity of the oil well. A part of it enters the pump cavity of the oil well with the liquid flow and occupies a certain amount of space in the pump cavity, which affects the pump efficiency. In severe cases, "air lock" may occur, which makes the oil well pump unable to work and affects the normal production of the oil well.

    The traditional method uses venting to solve the problem of excessively high casing pressure in oil wells. Natural gas destroys the atmospheric ozone layer 21 times as much as CO2, which will cause serious environmental problems.



    Oilfield wellhead casing gas recovery and crude oil production stimulation and environmental protection and energy saving installation site

    Field test application at Xianhe Oil Production Plant of Shengli Oilfield

    According to the actual situation of the Xianhe oil production plant in Shengli Oilfield, combined with the prediction of geological productivity, the stable gas flow rate of the casing, and the multi-purpose feature of the device, select the wells that cannot enter the production process at the Xianhe oil production plant for installation and use.

    The automatic wellhead gas recovery device of the oilfield was installed on November 16, 2018 in the wells He 60-X51, He 60-X52, and He 60-X53 in the Haoxian management area of ​​the Xianhe Oil Production Plant. Increase, the effect is very satisfactory.


    Service commitment of oilfield casing gas recovery and crude oil production stimulation energy-saving devices

    Guanruida insists on quality as the soul of the enterprise. Based on the operating principle of providing the quality of oilfield casing gas recovery and crude oil production enhancement and energy-saving devices, and serving customers wholeheartedly, Guanruida is willing to meet the needs of customers as the purpose, and is willing to promote the cooperation between the two parties through its own efforts and provide customers with quality Guanruida implements open service commitments for its products and excellent services.

    1. The quality assurance period of the overall equipment is 12 months after the equipment is used and operated or 18 months after the delivery. During the quality assurance period, if there is a problem due to the quality of the equipment, the supplier will respond within 4 hours after receiving the notice from the user, and rush to the scene to solve the problem in time within 48 hours.

    2. All costs incurred due to product quality problems shall be borne by the supplier, including the cost of repairing or replacing various accessories, excluding the cost of replacing maintenance consumables. All losses caused by improper operation of the user shall be borne by the user.

    3. Carry out 20 class hours of factory and on-site operation training (depending on the actual situation, basic principles and operation and maintenance), and the on-site driving service is free. Cooperate with the buyer to conduct commissioning and trial operation of the equipment.

    4. Trial operation of the unit at the user site, including unit commissioning and automatic control commissioning, 72 hours of continuous operation after the system is put into production and normal operation is the warranty period.

    5. After the end of the warranty period, Guanruida service personnel will visit the user regularly. When the equipment fails, the Guanruida after-sales service engineer will provide technical support to the user. Responsible for repairing or replacing spare parts, so the repair and spare parts costs incurred shall be paid by the user.

    6. In the process of product use, the feedback from users on product quality, performance, improvement opinions or other constructive suggestions, etc., will be actively adopted and improved by Guanruida in order to further improve product quality and better return users .

    Ordering instructions for oilfield casing gas recovery and crude oil production stimulation energy-saving devices

    1. Product selection: If there is a designated model standard, please contact the customer service hotline to inquire about the price and learn more!

    2. Technical support: If the product model and specifications are not specified, please fax or email the working conditions, design drawings, and technical specifications to Guanruida.

    3. Parameter description: Please provide gas composition, flow rate (Nm3/h), intake pressure, exhaust pressure (Mpa), exhaust temperature (℃).

    4. Cooling method: air cooling, water cooling, mixed cooling (choose according to actual needs).

    5. Introduction to the structure: The unit consists of a main compressor, a motor, a coupling, a flywheel, a piping system, a cooling system, electrical equipment, and auxiliary equipment.

    6. Quotation confirmation: The company provides the quotation list and technical standard description to the customer's confirmation, and then draws up the contract after the technical aspects of both parties are confirmed.

    7. Quality standards: quality requirements, quality standards, and conditions for the supplier to be responsible for quality shall be in accordance with relevant national quality.

    Shenzhen Guanruida official website: http://www.grddragon.com


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