Gas sweep line industry application

Application of gas terminal processing gas line sweeping industry

Model: Process gas screw compressor

Case description: CNOOC gas terminal treatment, process gas screw compressor is used for light hydrocarbon, propane, butane, liquefied gas four gas sweeping lines, each gas has different operating conditions, The unit must be able to adapt to the operating requirements of dozens of different working conditions.

Item   Item Technical parameters
Medium Light hydrocarbons, propane, butane, liquefied petroleum gas
Inlet pressure 0~1.62MPaG
Exhaust pressure 0.5~2.12MPaG
Rated flow rate 70Nm3/h
Rated power 75KW
Drive method Electric drive



(All pressure data of this series of process gas screw compressors can be customized according to the specific needs of customers. If you have any needs, please consult Guanruida's online customer service, and we will answer for you.)

(The above data is for reference only, and the parameters are subject to change without notice)