Biogas purification, power generation industry applications

Biogas purification

Application case: Model: Motor-driven biogas screw compressor

Case description: Bio-fermentation to biogas is a mature process. The use of pure biogas is limited, so the economic value is not large. If biogas is compressed and purified to produce bio-natural gas, the economic value will be greatly increased. Guanruida Biogas Screw Compressor is the key equipment for purification process, which is widely used in the purification of livestock and poultry manure biogas and plant straw biogas.


1. Biogas purification project exported to the United States

Technical parameters


Technical parameters


Medium Biogas
Inlet pressure 0.5~1.5KPaG
Exhaust pressure 1.2MPaG
Rated flow rate 150Nm3/h
Rated power 30KW
Drive method Electric drive
Note: This machine is used for pre-pressurization of biogas purification projects, which is a demonstration project of a biogas project in the United States.  


2. Exported to Thailand livestock and poultry fermentation biogas power generation project


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(All pressure data of this series of biogas screw compressors can be customized according to the specific needs of customers. If you have any needs, please consult Guanruida's online customer service, and we will answer for you.)

(The above data is for reference only, and the parameters are subject to change without notice)