Oilfield casing gas recovery industry application

Oil Well Casing Gas (Petroleum Associated Gas) Recovery Application

Application case: Shengli Oilfield of China Petrochemical Corporation, Changqing Oilfield of China National Petroleum Corporation

Model: Oilfield wellhead casing gas recovery and crude oil production stimulation and environmental protection and energy saving device, which has obtained national patent authorization

Case description: Casing gas forced the oil well to lower the fluid level, reducing the effective production pressure and productivity of the oil well. A part of it enters the pump cavity of the oil well with the liquid flow and occupies a certain amount of space in the pump cavity, which affects the pump efficiency. In severe cases, "air lock" may occur, which makes the oil well pump unable to work and affects the normal production of the oil well. The traditional method uses venting to solve the problem of excessively high casing pressure in oil wells. The destruction of the atmospheric ozone layer by natural gas is 21 times that of CO2, which will cause serious environmental problems. The use of Guanruida casing gas screw compressors can not only fully recover natural gas, but also promote a 10-30% increase in crude oil production, and also solve environmental problems. Sinopec Shengli Oilfield, China National Petroleum Corporation Changqing Oilfield.

Technical parameters

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(All pressure data of this series of casing gas recovery and crude oil stimulation compressors can be customized according to the specific needs of customers. If you have any needs, please consult Guanruida's online customer service, and we will answer for you.)

(The above data is for reference only, and the parameters are subject to change without notice)